Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Cleaning

Alright, well I missed a day in there but it happens! Today my focus is getting my house back in order. I haven't been able to keep every room clean at the same time since the day my son was born. When I was still pregnant I had the laundry washed and every inch of the house was shiny and clean at all times. Now it's just choas that moves from one place to another it seems. I clean as time ( and energy ) allow. So today I am on a mission to get the entire house clean and maybe have time to prepare dinner when I'm done. Now to my son's birthday cake, Spongebob turned out pretty good. Of course there's always room for improvement. I had to substitute blue pants instead of brown because I simply did not have the time to mix up chocolate and white. He didn't know the difference anyhow. Here are some pics of the cake as promised and a few of him eating it as well.

There's nothing like that first birthday. And I stuck to my guns and only had one very small piece of cake. Somehow I've even managed to lose 3lbs. in the past few weeks! Hopefully the numbers on the scale keep counting backward. Well, I'm off to clean some more. Have a happy thursday.
Oh and please feel free to link up to my party. I'd like to start using this service all of the time but I really need people to post stuff to make it worthwhile and please pass it on......

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