Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loose Ends: Granny Square Purse

Hello and happy Sunday! While I was getting my house clean a few days ago I came across several unfinished projects of mine. Every now and then I get this wacky idea that I'm going to crochet an afghan. So I start making granny sqares and then I grow bored with the whole process and I never finish. I should have learned by now that I just don't have the kind of patience it takes to make a project that big. I become restless when I'm doing the same exact thing for too long. And making granny squares is about as redundant as it can get! So, I now find myself in possession of several different piles of granny squares that I have no intention of making a blanket with. Well, it seems a shame to waste all of the hours of my time already spent making said squares. And so, I have made it my goal to do something with each set of squares. My first project is this granny square purse I created yesterday......
First I crocheted all of my squares together in the desired size and shape, making two rectangles (front and back sides). I then crocheted the two sides together. I had purchased these plastic rings to use for purse straps some time ago. I crochet the first part of the strap on either side that would hold the rings directly onto the purse. I then crocheted the rest of the strap seperately using double crochet until I had the desired length. I lined the purse with some striped flannel material, wich I simply cut one long piece of (making the full length for both sides). I then folded the flannel in half, wrong side out, and folded down the top edges to create a clean edge. Then I just sewed the two sides together by hand and inserted the lining into the purse. I used embroidery floss to attach the lining to the purse along the top edge. After the lining was secure, I made a long crochet strand and weaved it through the top of the purse. I tied it in a knot where the begining and end meet and strung wood beads in an alternating color pattern onto the remaining cord of yarn. Now I have my completed tote purse! I plan on making a matching wallet with my remaining squares. Once the wallet is finished, I'll post more pics and then it will be added to my etsy store!
I hope you enjoy my little project. It's a fun and functional way to utilize unfinished projects and turn them into something new!
UPDATE: Here is the finished wallet to match!!!
And the link for etsy....

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