Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday Morning...

Good morning and happy Wednesday. I'm a little tired this morning as I was suffering from a bit of insomnia last night. Then, the very moment I finally fell asleep, my son started crying in the other room. Welcome to motherhood! It's a good thing that I'm used to functioning on hardly any sleep these days. Anyhow, I am happy to announce that I have completed the fourth and final piece in my custom order!!! The only left to do is complete the detachable pansy for the hat (I'm halfway done). I can't wait to post pics of the flower, the pansy come out so beautifully though it is one of the more challenging flowers to crochet. I really can't wait to ship everything off so I can see how the customer likes her items in person!!! That's always the best part. It's even more special when it's someone you know!!! I do have pictures of the hat on it's own that I am going to share momentarily. It's a standard slouchy and if anyone reading this is interest, I can create my slouchy in any color or combination of colors on demand and I have a large variety of flower patterns if you want an embellishment added at no extra cost. Just message me through my etsy shop @ or you can just write me a little comment on this post with any questions or requests you might have. I would also LOVE it if you would become a fan of luvbuzz on facebook at the following link:!/pages/Luvbuzz-Luvbuzz-Handmade-/166664783378662.
 Alright, here's the hat I just finished...

And the flower...a purple pansy........

And here are a few other examples of my slouchy, all are currently posted for sale at my etsy store....

I'm also very excited because I just ordered my first set of business cards yesterday and I even got to design them with my own background image!!! I can't wait to get them in the mail!!! Alright, I'll post some pics of my pansy once it's complete. Have a wonderful, happy, blessed day!!!

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  1. They all look cozy but my fave is the red! Good luck with your Etsy shop.

  2. Thanks! I really like the red one too. I was almost tempted to keep it for myself when I finished it. But I practiced a little restraint :)

  3. They're all so pretty, and you did such a fantastic job on them! I really wish that I knew how to crochet. I tried learning by watching a YouTube video, but I think I need someone sitting beside me. One of these days......
    Happy REDnesday,

  4. Thanks Carol!!! My husband taught me how to crochet believe it or not! His mom taught him how to make granny squares when he was young. Of course, I've progressed far beyond the granny square. Most of it I have taught myself. I hightly recommend " The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting and Crochet" it really taught me a lot about all of the different stitches. But I do agree that having someone show you at first is the best way to begin!
    -Maryah (Luvbuzz)-

  5. Oh, the red one is absolutely stunning!


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