Thursday, March 31, 2011

Of Life and Motherhood

Happy thursday, I'd like to take a sidestep from the subject of crochet into the land of motherhood. My beautiful, wonderful son is about to turn 1 year old on April 5th and I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with him and care for him myself. That said, some days are a little stressful lately. He started walking at just shy of 9 months and he's been getting into all kinds of shenanigans ever since. Now he's conquered the art of climbing, EVERYTHING!!!! I spend his every waking moment chasing him around and pulling him down off of endtables, cat towers, book cases and windowsills just to list a few. My living room is a wall of barricades that are no longer effective. I'm going crazy. But don't get me wrong, I love him more than life itself. I just wish we lived in a house with a yard for him to run around in rather than this tiny appartment. I know, soon enough he'll be a little more reasonable and easier to discipline but man is he making me earn my keep these days!!! Well thanks for listening to my partial rant, here' a little of his cuteness to make it worth your while.....
Man do I love this kid! We're planning on buying him one of those playschool mini jungle gym slide things for his birthday. We're just going to stick it right in the middle of the living room in hopes he'll stick to climbing that and only that! And he'll be getting a homemade Spongebob cake as well.
Anyhow, happy thursday to those of you who actually read this thing!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday......

Today I'm feeling much better than yesterday, though not completely myself. Luckily my husband has the day off today and was kind enough to get up with my son this morning and let me get some much needed sleep. Also, I sold an item on etsy today which is always happy!!!! Each time I sell something it's bittersweet for me. On the one hand I'm flattered that someone else likes one of my creations as much as I do. But it's also like giving away a little piece of myself. I have an emotion attachment to everything I make so a part of me is always just a little sad to see them go. This time I sold a hemp bracelet I made, here are some pics....

Now to stop procrastinating and get to my next pair of slippers, perhaps a trip to Joann is in store before I begin!!!
Once again the link party will be going on through June 28th so feel free to link up at one of my previous posts below and have a happy happy wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Two

Alright, it's day two for me. I'm not feeling wonderful today. Let's just say my body feels like it's revolting against me. I'm currently working on another pair of slippers that will be listed as "made to order". I'll post pics when I'm done. I'll be making several pairs in different colors to show off some variety. I'm also planning something special to make for an old and dear friend. And here are the slippers I spoke of.....

I created these without a pattern, I made it up myself based on many techniques I've picked up using baby slipper patterns in the past. I created the first pair for a custom order I did. I was pretty excited about how well they turned out so I decided to make more. I also created a pair of gloves for the same custom order having never made a pair of gloves nor looked at a pattern for gloves in my life. I'll post those pics some other day.

Alright, don't forget about the link party it will continue until June, 28 (I'm testing out the waters to see if I get enough participants to make it worth while). And away we go.......

Monday, March 28, 2011

Very First Link Party


Alright, this is day one for me. I created this blog to eventually host link parties for anyone who wants to join. Once I have everything set up and figured out I will be allowing links for any craft and/or etsy store. I'm new to the blogging world so please be patient with me as I find my way.