Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And Away We Go.....

Alright, it's wednesday!!! I just got a secial order request for two hats, one pair of fingerless gloves and one infinity scarf. I decided to start with the scarf first since that will take the most time. I'm so excited about this one! I used to freak out at the idea of doing a custom order but now I find it to be one of my favorite things. It's just so rewarding to create something out of nothing espcially for a specific person and their needs, wants, desires etc... Sure I still get a little nervous about it, but that's all part of the excitement! I can't wait to see how everything turns out so I can share the pictures with all of you. For now, here are a few pics from previous custom orders....
custom scarf in teal, brown and oatmeal

created without a pattern as ususal

custom dread tam, extra long, patternless

custom earflap hat in bright sunshine and dark forest

Custom glove in bright sunshine and dark forest, also without a pattern.

Here's the link to my pary once again just in case someone comes along who is interested.....and happy wednesday!

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