Monday, March 28, 2011


Alright, this is day one for me. I created this blog to eventually host link parties for anyone who wants to join. Once I have everything set up and figured out I will be allowing links for any craft and/or etsy store. I'm new to the blogging world so please be patient with me as I find my way.


  1. I love your profile, it is like meeting a dear friend all over again... I will share and network any way I can... I am new to this too so let me know what to do, and any good hints you may have :) LOVES!

  2. Laura :) It's lovely having you here. The blog thing seems like a pretty cool gig. It's a nice way to network and promote and I love the idea of helping others promote themselves also. The link parties are free for the first one, then if you want to keep linking thumbnails you can pay monthly or get a discounted rate for the whole year. If you want to plug your shop, just click on the little linky button under my top post and then copy and past your web url, enter the name under that and then your email, Click enter and there you go!!!!!