Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Two

Alright, it's day two for me. I'm not feeling wonderful today. Let's just say my body feels like it's revolting against me. I'm currently working on another pair of slippers that will be listed as "made to order". I'll post pics when I'm done. I'll be making several pairs in different colors to show off some variety. I'm also planning something special to make for an old and dear friend. And here are the slippers I spoke of.....

I created these without a pattern, I made it up myself based on many techniques I've picked up using baby slipper patterns in the past. I created the first pair for a custom order I did. I was pretty excited about how well they turned out so I decided to make more. I also created a pair of gloves for the same custom order having never made a pair of gloves nor looked at a pattern for gloves in my life. I'll post those pics some other day.

Alright, don't forget about the link party it will continue until June, 28 (I'm testing out the waters to see if I get enough participants to make it worth while). And away we go.......


  1. these look really comfy and warm.


  2. Thanks Megan! I made this first pair for myself and I wear them all the time. The only issue I have is that they have stretched out a lot more than I anticipated, but they still fit. I made the most recent pair a little more snug to help with this problem. :)