Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, Monday

Good afternoon and a very happy Monday to you. I finally finished up the large jute purse I was making. It is crafted primarily of 3-ply jute twine cord with 2-ply jute accents! I added a few little jute flowers just for fun!!! I have to say that the finished product has well surpassed my expectations going into this thing. That's how it is so much of the time. I have a vague plan of what I want to make and then I just sort of let the item create itself. I am extremely proud of this bag and the jute material makes the structure very sturdy and heavy duty. The thicker jute cord was so intense to work with that I don't see myself making another one of these bags. Thus, it is a true one of a kind creation. My hands are all torn up, but it was worth the pain. And here are the pictures of my completed product....

As usual, I have posted this for sale at my etsy shop for anyone who may be interested! This was one of those projects that I had a hard time "letting go" so to speak. I have a strong attachment to everything I create, but some are harder to put out there than others. All I can ever hope for is that whomever they may belong to in the end will love each piece as much as I have!!! Now to decide what I should work on next. A few days ago, my husband and I finally made it out to this local bead shop we've been hearing a lot about. It's called Shipwreck Beads and it's located in Lacey, Washington. Let me tell you, I have never been so overwhelmed in my life! They have such a huge and wonderful selection of beads it was amazing. I mean every type of bead you can think of and more. Glass, wood, pewter, stone and the prices are really good. If you're into beading or jewelry making of any kind please feel free to visit their online store @ You won't be sorry, although your pocket book might be! So, I think I just might make up a few hemp necklaces out of some of the Ocean Jasper I purchased there! Until next time, have a wonderful Monday and happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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