Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Tuesday Morning..

Good morning and welcome to another day! I'm so very happy because yesterday afternoon I finally located the box of necklaces that I hid from myself some time ago! A few years back I was on a macrame kick like no other and I made up a ton of necklaces. Of course I didn't know about etsy back then so I didn't really know what to do with all of the stuff I had made. And so it all got stuffed in a container for a later date. Then I set up my shop and I couldn't find this loot for the life of me. Now that I've found it, I can put my mind to rest on that note at least. I also took a little time to make up a necklace with one of the beautiful Ocean Jasper beads I purchased at Shipwreck Beads a few days ago. I think it turned out to be quite lovely.....

And yes, this is available on etsy @ http://www.luvbuzz.etsy.com/. Along with a few more from my stash which I will share. I have several of these Ocean Jasper pieces. Each one is unique and the colors are different from piece to piece.

                             This one is being sold as a set........

Alright well that's all I have to share with you for now. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day! Now I'm off to find a project so I have something to share with everyone tomorrow!!!! Happy crafting :)

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