Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Brain...

Good moring/afternoon! I hope all is well in your world today. I've got a lot going on, first off tomorrow is my baby shower. It will be a fairly small affair with a few family members. Since we moved to Washington from Southern California a little over 2 years ago, all of my friends are still down south and will not be in attendance. I really have no experience with this sort of thing and my husband and I are hosting said shower so this should be interesting. Hopefully I don't bore everyone too much.

I've also been receiving and fullfilling custom order requests. I just finished a pair of little baby booties that look like high top tennis shoes for a close friend. I'd post pics but I was in such a rush to get them created, packed and shipped that I didn't have time to take proper photos.

Next up is a custom pair of fingerless gloves made from lambs wool for an old co-worker. I haven't started on these yet as we just finished the "negotiating" process. I'll be posting those for sure once they're done.

I've also got a cupcake pillow for another close friend in the works. Which I am extremely excited about. This one is going to be super fun to create.

And last, but certainly not least, I have a custom owl stuffie for a repeat customer of mine. This one I'm also super jazzed about because I just love making those little owls so much! They're so darn cute, I can't help myself. If  I didn't keep myself in check, I'd have a shop full of nothing but owls.

So I haven't had a moment to create anything new for my shop in the past few days. But I was quite busy at work last week so I will share a few of my newest creations with you today....

First off is my new keychain obsession (which inspired my friend to ask for the cupcake pillow). They're super cute, fun to make and are a nice lower priced addition to my shop. All are under $20 and I've already sold one....

 SOLD 3/5/2012

Alright and the last recent item I've completed is this sweet little slouchy hat in a wonderful blend of spring pastels....

This one is great because the yarn is a nice light weight and smaller gage variegated cotton, acrylic, nylong blend which makes it super breathable and easy to wear year round!!! You can pick this up at my etsy shop: or by clicking on the direct link above or right here:

Okay, I've got a ton of cleaning and re-arranging to get done before tomorrow's festivities so I must be running off for now so I will leave you with my latest treasury curration.
Happy crafting and enjoy....

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  1. These are great creations! Loving them!
    ANd I wish you lots of luck and happy times at your shower tomorrow : ]